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Springstone’s employee engagement survey results exceed national benchmarks. We score especially high on questions related to our commitment to patient safety and compliance.

Assessment Specialist – Mesa Springs
“I love working for a company that cares about patient outcomes and clinical integrity. Awesome working with coworkers and management that value feedback. A+ Health care benefits. Spirit of professionalism.”

Therapist – Columbus Springs
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my employment with Columbus Springs Dublin and now Columbus Springs East. The management team is dedicated to growing employees and promoting within. There are unlimited opportunities for employees to learn and grow.”

Therapist – Sycamore Springs
“I found my sense of passion and my sense of purpose in the field of social work when I joined the Sycamore Springs team! Every day when I walk through the doors, I can feel and see the difference I’m making in people’s lives. My supervisor is wonderful, she checks in multiple times throughout the day to ensure we have everything, and more, that we need to get our jobs done. The leadership in this facility is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, whether it be from a hi and a smile from the CEO (who knows my name!) to the thank you bags they provided to us for Social Work month! There is a sense of family at Sycamore Springs, and I cannot imagine myself working anywhere else!”

Nurse – Cottonwood Springs
“I have been an RN with Cottonwood Springs since March. I was drawn away from a large hospital corporation that I had spent most of my years with. I was not even sure that this would be the place for me. I was so impressed by the way psychiatric care was being done here that I could not refuse. Being part of a newer company provides excitement and opportunity to advance. I love it here. I love the way we change lives. I love our multidisciplinary approach. Leadership is very much focused on patient satisfaction. This is the only place that I have worked that I would refer a family member to for care.”

Director – Highland Springs
“Springstone is a great company to work for. I have worked at 3 of our hospitals during my time with the company and each experience has been great. There is an abundance of growth opportunities!”

Director – Oakwood Springs
“The atmosphere is like no other, makes a huge difference in coming to work. The staff is top notch and treats everyone with the respect they deserve. At first hesitated with leaving my long term employer, have not looked back or doubted my choice one bit. Look forward to growing with the hospital.”

Nurse – Copper Springs
“Working with behavioral health patients can be stressful, however, the handpicked staff at Copper Springs really are committed to changing people’s lives. They care about their patients AND the wellbeing of each other. The leadership team is always looking for ways to recognize and reward the efforts of their team. They take patient and employee comments very seriously and work to find ways to increase safety, satisfaction, and comfort.”

Assessment Clerk – Cottonwood Springs
“Cottonwood Springs was my first full time job. When I got my first call back for an interview from HR, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this company was. I started soon after that, and was welcomed with open arms. I had never worked in a hospital setting before, and had a lot of questions. Everyone was patient and kind. I am now in our intake department, which was a great opportunity for me to grow and learn. I have developed skills in this job that I will take with me throughout my entire professional career.”

Financial Counselor – Carrollton Springs
“Carrollton Springs goes to great lengths to show appreciation to the employee. They provide a great atmosphere. I love coming to work at an amazing place to work, great environment. Our leaders really do take the time to listen, treat you like family, making it personable. Each month we acknowledge employees for their greatness and get input from the employees for ideas on improving the company. They value employee feedback to build a stronger organization. Carrollton Springs makes a difference helping communities and we’ve raised money for different charities. Leaders assist with helping at the food pantry and feeding the homeless. I love my job and I love coming to work at a wonderful company to be a part of. I would vote Carrollton Springs to be # 1 on the list the Best Place to Work. Carrollton Springs is a company that cares, and shows it.”

Nurse Manager – Mesa Springs
“I have the opportunity to work with the best of the best! Individuals that are truly invested in helping people. Nonjudgmental nursing staff that care about the persons served! Working at Mesa Springs is truly a blessing! We have the opportunity to be a part of something amazing and that is just beyond awesome! It is amazing to know that this company cares more about giving someone the best treatment… not just filling a bed!”