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Insurance Partners

Building Collaborative Relationships

As part of our mission of Changing People’s Lives®, we collaborate with health systems, ACOs, and insurance companies. This collaboration improves quality, enhances access to meet behavioral health needs, and eliminates unnecessary expense by coordinating care.

We believe that collaborative relationships with insurance companies are key to improving access to cost-effective behavioral health services. Over 50 million Americans suffer from mental illness, but 40% do not receive necessary treatment. Of the 25 million Americans suffering from addiction, only 10% receive necessary treatment.

In addition to improving the quality of life, providing access to appropriate behavioral health services dramatically impacts the overall cost of medical care. We know that spending on quality behavioral health services decreases the overall medical spend, with a ROI of up to 6:1 (The Collaborative Care Model, Health Home Resource Center, May 2013). Effective behavioral health care can lead to decreased medical admissions, decreased behavioral health admissions, decreased readmissions, decreased emergency department visits, decreased polypharmacy, and decreased expensive complications of addiction such as hepatitis, HIV, and endocarditis.

Springstone collaborates with insurance companies in the following ways:

  • Comprehensive Quality Programs: collaborate with you to close gaps in care and help meet your quality metrics including HEDIS. Utilize outcomes measures to monitor effectiveness.
  • Access: use our joint analytics capabilities to identify areas lacking access to behavioral health services and implement strategies including tele-health, new outpatient locations, and expanded hours of service to meet the needs of beneficiaries.
  • Emergency Department Avoidance Program: utilize our 24/7/365 behavioral health call center to provide assessments, coordinate care, and send patients directly to the appropriate level of care.
  • Initiatives to Decrease Readmissions: our continuum of care ensures that patients transition to the appropriate level of care, and avoid unnecessary readmissions. Our call center and utilization management teams will facilitate timely scheduling of follow-up care and elimination of gaps in care.
  • Innovative Bundled Payment Program for Opioid Addiction: work with payers to combat the national opioid epidemic through progressive programs that enhance quality care and strengthen communities.
  • Outpatient Medication Management Programs: most areas of the country suffer from a lack of access to outpatient medication management services. We provide convenient appointments in a timely fashion, which will improve satisfaction, decrease emergency department visits, and decrease readmissions.
  • Tele-Health Services: our tele-health solutions are structured to bring behavioral health services to underserved and rural areas, primary care settings, and emergency departments in a cost effective fashion.
  • Value Based Solutions: our continuum of care and partnerships with health systems and ACOs provides a platform to deliver value based behavioral health services.

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