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Limestone Health to Offer Addiction Treatment Services

June 7, 2017

LAFAYETTE, Indiana – Limestone Health, an affiliate of Sycamore Springs, is excited to announce plans for expanding access to addiction treatment services in Lafayette, IN. In 2018, Limestone Health will open a new outpatient treatment location in Lafayette to provide comprehensive addiction treatment including individual and group therapy, related support services, and medication assisted treatment. A full clinical team under the supervision of a physician will provide these services.

Mayor Tony Roswarski expressed his support saying, “We have consistently discussed the need for additional addiction services in our community to help fight the opioid crisis that is gripping our nation. I am pleased to be engaged with Limestone Health and Sycamore Springs in bringing new, significant, life-changing services to our community that will give our citizens real hope and new opportunities. I have been very impressed with the leadership at Limestone Health and Sycamore Springs and their commitment to making a difference.”

Addiction afflicts 1 in 10 adults in America, but relatively few have access to effective treatments. Medication assisted treatment is an evidence-based program that is proven as an effective treatment for patients with opioid addiction. The treatment uses FDA-approved medications to help people manage their addiction and recover, and there is clear evidence that patients receiving medication assisted treatment are more likely to remain in treatment and use less opioids than those who do not.

Limestone Health looks forward to working in a collaborative fashion with the Governor’s Office, City of Lafayette and the community to combat the opioid crisis through enhanced access to effective treatments. Together we will positively impact patients, families and the community.

Contact Information: Matthew Flynn | | 609-917-8095